Company history



2012 – Kieser Training launches the B3 and B4 feet machines, the first machines to provide targeted training for the ankle muscles.

2011 – At the start of the year, Kieser Training AG starts afresh in Switzerland by opening two wholly-owned subsidiaries in Zurich and four single-franchise facilities in Basel, Bern, Frenkendorf and Kreuzlingen.

In October 2011, the Head Office in Zurich moves from Kanzleistrasse to a new location in Zurich in the Cubus (part of the Prime Tower complex). The company also opens a third Zurich subsidiary in the same building.

Kieser Training now has more than 140 facilities and is represented in 8 countries (Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Spain, United Kingdom and Australia).

2010 – In May, Kieser Training AG announces that it will not renew the master franchise agreement for Switzerland at the end of the year. Werner Kieser will resume control of the domestic market to ensure that product developments are implemented in an uncompromising way. The previous master franchisee will continue to run its existing facilities under a new brand name.

2008 – Kieser Training sets up a new final assembly plant for its machines in Gottmadingen in southern Germany. The same building also houses the purchasing and logistics centre, the staff training centre and much of the company’s Research and Development Department.

Kieser Training opens the first master franchise facility in Spain (Barcelona).

2007 – Kieser Training AG celebrates its 40th anniversary.

Kieser Training opens the first master franchise facility in the Czech Republic (Prague).

2006 – Kieser Training opens its first facility in Australia (Sydenham) following the signing of a master franchise agreement

2003 – Kieser Training starts production of its own training machine under the Delphex brand.

2002 – Kieser Training sets up its own Research Department (RDKT).

2000 – Kieser Training opens its first facility in Austria (Vienna) following the signing of a single franchise agreement.

1999 – Kieser Training opens its first facility in the United Kingdom (London) as well as its first facility in Luxembourg following the signing of a single franchising agreement.

1998 – Kieser Training AG acquires production rights for the MedX machines (successor to the Nautilus machines) in Europe and starts production in Germany (Dieburg).

1997 – Kieser Training opens its first single franchise facility in Germany (Bremen).

1995 – Kieser Training opens four subsidiary facilities in Hamburg (2), Cologne and Munich and starts expanding in Germany.

1990 – Kieser Training opens its first subsidiary facility in Germany (Frankfurt).

In the same year, Dr. med. Gabriela Kieser opens the first practice for Medical Strengthening Therapy in Zurich.

1987 – Werner Kieser sets up the first Kieser Training Academy (KTA) in Zurich for staff training.

1981 – Kieser Training AG expands in Switzerland (Zurich-Oerlikon, Schlieren, Bern and Lucerne) by means of single franchise agreements.

1978 – Werner Kieser is the first in Europe to install the then revolutionary Nautilus machines in his training facility.

1967 – Kieser Training AG is founded.

1966 – Werner Kieser opens the first strength training facility in Zurich.


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